Q: Am I a good candidate for the LASIK procedure?

A: Before this can be answered, you must undergo a thorough exam from your eye doctor or a Consultation to determine whether or not you would be a candidate. Overall, the basic requirements of the procedure are simple: You must be 18 years old, in good overall physical health, have generally good eye health including but not limited to no glaucoma or cataracts. The LASIK procedure is intended to treat a wide variety of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Through your eye exam or Consultation, the eye doctor will confirm if you're a candidate for the procedure, explain the surgery in detail, and answer any questions you might have about the process. This initial exam will also help you understand what kind of results you can reasonable expect from the LASIK procedure. The Tampa Laser Eye Center has an exemplary record of providing the best care for each individual patient and many people choose Tampa Laser Eye Center based on our outstanding reputation for quality patient care.

Q: What is CustomLASIK?

A: CustomLASIK is similar to traditional LASIK, but involves the use of a specialized device called a Wavefront Analyzer. This Wavefront Analyzer allows the LASIK surgeon to customize the procedure to each individual set of eyes. CustomLASIK often results in patients seeing clearer and sharper than ever before.

Q: What's the difference between Custom and Conventional LASIK?

A: The CustomLASIK procedure uses a device called the Wavefront Analyzer to take a measurement of the imperfections in each individual cornea, and measure the way light passes through it. A map of your cornea is made by the Analyzer, and that map is then programmed into the excimer laser. CustomLASIK helps patients with... "higher order" aberrations - problems that were not previously treatable with the Conventional LASIK procedure. While the traditional LASIK procedure is still a widely-chosen option among LASIK patients, the majority of patients now choose CustomLASIK because of the advanced level of customized care it provides. You can trust your eye care professional to assist you in your decision on what procedure to get.

Q: What can LASIK do for me?

A: The LASIK procedure has been very successful in the reduction of dependency on glasses and contacts, but the degree of improvement always varies for each individual. Although Tampa Laser Eye Center can never promise patients perfect vision, most people with poor eyesight do attain vision close to 20/20 or better. Very few patients still need glasses after the procedure. CustomLASIK is perhaps the most exciting development in this field. Extensive studies have been conducted, and these studies show that CustomLASIK can not only improve what patients can see, but how well patients can see objects. Previously, vision was measured using a standard eye chart. An eye doctor would assign your vision a number - such as 20/20, based on how well the patient could see the letters on the chart. Now, CustomLASIK allows the doctors to focus on the overall quality of your vision. Many patients who have had Custom LASIK are able to see clearer and sharper than they ever have before. Moreover, because of the high level of customization of each procedure, night vision is also improved in the patient as well. Because the Laser Eye Centers network has performed over tens of thousands of procedures, we are able to share knowledge and constantly fine-tune our techniques and technologies. Tampa Laser Eye Center stands behind it's patients' distance vision results for life because we are confident in the stability of our results over the long-term. The Lifetime Commitment SM program ensures free enhancement procedures for the rest of your life for qualified nearsighted patients - and this commitment is honored at any Laser Eye Centers in North America.

Q: How do I decide which procedure I should get?

A: Either your eye doctor, or one of our own surgeons will be the best person to help you reach this decision. Many patients now choose CustomLASIK because of the personalized procedure they get. Please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our LASIK experts here at Tampa Laser Eye Center to help you determine which procedure is right for you.

Q: What does LASIK cost?

A: The cost of the LASIK procedure is determined by the level of technology needed to rectify your specific vision condition. The price of CustomLASIK is traditionally more expensive than that of traditional LASIK because of the high level of personalization, and the use of some of the most advanced technology in the vision industry.

Q: Does the procedure hurt?

A: While the procedure does not necessarily cause pain, some patients will describe the procedure as..."uncomfortable". However, it is typically the fear of the unknown that is the source for most of the discomfort, rather than the actual physical feeling. Prior to your procedure, your eyes are numbed with anaesthetic drops, and many LASIK centers will give you a mild sedative. After the procedure is complete, your eyes may feel irritated or dry, but most patients will nap for several hours following the procedure, and wake up feeling much better. You'll also be given moisturizing drops for any dryness you may feel in your eyes following the surgery.

Q: What can I expect with my recovery?

A: Most patients see extremely well within 24 hours of their LASIK surgery. Patients with higher prescriptions may need some additional time to reach their optimal sight and feeling. The speed of recovery always varies depending on each person, but most patients will be seeing clearly within a few short days of their procedure.

Q: What are the risks?

A: As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks with LASIK Eye Surgery. However, the chance of having a vision reducing complication is minimal, according to numerous advanced clinical studies. Millions of patients have had excellent results from the laser vision correction procedure. Some potential complications can include night glare, eye dryness, complications in making the surgical flap, over or under correction, and/or loss of best-corrected vision. At Tampa Laser Eye Centers, all the risks of the procedure are discussed at length prior to surgery so that each patient is equipped with all the information they need to make an educated decision. We proceed with the actual surgery only when it is advisable for each individual patient. Additionally, extensive post-op care helps to identify any potential complications early on. The best way to prevent complications and reduce risk is to choose an experienced and trusted surgeon. This is one of the advantages to choosing Tampa Laser Eye Center. Tampa Laser Eye Center is careful to align themselves only with the most knowledgeable eye care professionals.